Our CANvu Connected technology allows you to access any data from a remote CANvu display via local LAN, Internet, or mobile. Choose to stream selected data in real-time, send data upon an event, or request the specific data required.

CANvu Connected

Capture, Store, Transmit and Display

The latest proven rugged CANvu CAN bus displays have the ability to capture, store, and transmit a multitude of information as well as to trigger events. Now with the addition of ‘CANvu Connected’ technology, it’s possible to link directly with any CANvu display at a remote location and transfer live data, trigger events, or download stored information. Further enhancements can even make it possible to determine the exact location of the display at any given time using GPS technology.

The CANvu display can be connected via the local LAN (Ethernet/WiFi), or the Internet (Ethernet/WiFi/Mobile). Our CANvu Connected technology can easily be configured to visualise and transfer captured data, as well as to customise the functions of the remotely located CANvu displays.

Products currently supported by CANvu Connected, are the CANvu 355 and the CANvu 700.

CANvu ™ Display Range